Stephanie Oplinger

Artist Portrait 1

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Stephanie Oplinger is a surrealist painter working primarily in acrylic medium. She enjoys working in the surrealist style, combining the fantastical with the familiar and sharing narratives and dreamy landscapes from her imagination. Interested in expressing the moment when perceived reality ends and daydreaming begins, she utilizes an enriched palette of bold colors and a strong contrasting of light and shadow to portray the filter of the mind’s creative eye.

Artist Portrait 3

Stephanie also endeavors to advocate for social justice through art. Her current project raises awareness and money for the victims of human trafficking; 365 small pieces, one piece for each day of the year, are created to be sold with the proceeds going to charity. She also recently collaborated with a group of artists to present a dynamic street tableaux representing the modern horrors of modern slavery, and a film project based on the project and social issue is in the works.

Artist Portrait 4

Cofounder and co-owner of Headwall Comics, an online manga comic publisher. Premiering online in late 2017 comes a fantasy steampunk socio-political manga comic titled Epoch of Beyza, using the artist/author handle H&O alongside co-creator Alexandria Hawthorne.