I enjoy working in a surrealistic style, combining the fantastical with the familiar, and sharing narratives and dreamy landscapes from my imagination. I am interested in expressing the moment when our perception of reality ends and daydreaming begins. To evoke the subconscious mind and our imaginations, I utilize an enriched palette of bold colors and a strong contrast between light and shadow. Nature plays an important role in my work, either as the grounding point in contrast to the imagination, or as the launching point and aid into exploring worlds unknown. Imagery of a night sky filled with stars is a common visual often running through my work.

My intention through my art is to inspire the viewer with a sense of wonder and possibility as I share my inner imaginative world with them. I often tagline my work on social media with the words, “Bring your imagination and stay awhile.” As this suggests, my work revolves around dreams and imaginative worlds and explores the human figure in relation to space and narrative. My vision is to imbue my work with feelings of escapism and visuals of symbolism, making connections between lighter imaginative stories and deeper real-world meanings.