The project is on hold, but the art pieces from it are still available to purchase. I started this project back in 2013, but soon after accepted a job that didn’t leave me with much time on my hands and called for a lot of travel. That slowed me down significantly. In my mind, I haven’t quit the project, but it is certainly on hold. Instead of doing a one year project, I just let it expand in a 365 day, nonconsecutive schedule. Currently I am working on catching up with the project’s blog, adding a lot of extras about human trafficking and everyday things we can all do to help and get involved. I want this project to have a further reach, so I will be working on getting it more internet traffic. It’s definitely not over, and I will keep working on it and adding new works in the near future. If you’d like more immediate project updates, consider signing up for my newsletter!

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Currently, I am only accepting commissions for illustration, such as book/magazine covers or children’s book illustrations.

If you are an artist seeking to collaborate on a project together, please feel free to contact me!

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Possibly. Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to discuss it with you!

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Personally, I can’t think of a worse nightmare to live than slavery, specifically in the sex slave trade. And sadly, most of the world’s other problems – such as poverty, lack of education, and war – all contribute to the problem of slavery and human trafficking. It’s mind boggling to think that in our modern world an estimated 27 million people live in slavery. What should the number of people living in slavery be? ZERO. No girl, boy, or child should ever be tied to a bed and raped multiple times a day. No man, woman, or child should be forced to do back-breaking hard labor without pay and without hope of a future. This is the worst kind of life I can imagine, so I find it unbearable that anyone is actually living it, let alone 27 million people.

When I first learned of modern slavery and human trafficking – the numbers and statistics (and how victims come from every country and socio-economic background) – I wracked my brain for months, depressingly wondering what little old me could do against such an overwhelmingly huge problem. In the end, I realized, I just have to start where I am. If you want to help, you just have to start where you are. All our little acts together will roll into something big. I started creating art to open a conversation on the issue, and write a blog that gives suggestions that each of us can do in our every day lives to help. You can help to! And if you can’t think of anything you can do right away, check out my blog for ways you can get started helping in the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery.

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Not yet, but it is my hope that transition into art fulltime will be sooner than later. Working hard!

When I am not painting and creating, I work as an eddy current NDE technician in nuclear power plants around the United States.

You play a big part in my dream! Checking out my work, signing up for my email, sharing my posts on social media, or buying my art all help me work towards this dream. No artist can exist alone. I feel overwhelming appreciation for all the support and encouragement I receive from everyone. Thank you one and all!

You can also help support my dream while receiving monthly art goodies from me by becoming one of my patrons on Patreon for as little as $1 each month:

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As far as painting goes, I am predominately a self taught artist. However, YouTube and Patreon tutorials have been very helpful with learning new tips and tricks. I have also begun taking local classes and workshops when time permits to help improve my skills.

For children’s book illustrations, I am a proud student and graduate of the Children’s Book Academy.

Practice, practice, practice is one of the best teachers!

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Acrylic Paints – I primarily work with acrylic paint, specifically heavy body acrylics. I love being able to just paint over something I don’t like or to build foreground layers on top of background layers – something that can really only be achieved with opaque heavy body acrylics.

Spray Paint – In early 2015, I tried my hand for the first time with spray paints. I really enjoyed it and am continuing to create a portfolio in the medium.

Drawing – I usually stick with Charcoal or Ink. For portraits or character conceptual art I enjoy using charcoals – vine, pencil, or white. For illustrations or manga-style drawings, I like using both micron ink pens and nib dip pens with India ink. I don’t draw as often as I paint, but I believe ink and charcoal are the mediums I enjoy the most.

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I get asked this one a lot, and every time I wish I had a super clever answer to give. But really, I just fumble for an accurate description:

I hear a lot of artists say that it just came from somewhere beyond them to them, and a lot of times, I have to agree with that. Sometimes, I just open my eyes and it is there in my mind waiting for me. After a while, I imagine it’s like a storm inside, swirling around like a brewing natural disaster, and when I hold it in, it starts to hurt, but if I let it out, the excess forms outside into the new pieces that you see and the tempest inside calms down to a more agreeable level. I always have more ideas than I have time or – frankly – the skill to do.

Other times, I get ideas from things I see in the real world, or something I read in a book or saw in a movie, and the cooking pot in my mind starts mixing together a batch of something new and strange and completely different from the things that first inspired me. Occasionally, the inspiration comes from a strange dream I had the night before, probably caused by a mixture of real life events and fears and fantasies. Vision is my most heightened sense – mental images being an extension of that sense – so I think it’s fair to say that I receive a lot of inspiration from the things I see, both outside in the real world and inside my head in my imagination. I enjoy blending the two, and that’s often what you see come out on the canvas. As my skills catch up with my imagination, I will be able to show you more and more and more!

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Currently, no.

If that is something you’d like to see or purchase in the future, email me and tell me about it! If enough people say they want to see it too, I will try to make it happen.

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Original Paintings – NO cash or credit refunds. All sales are final. If you are uncertain about size or look of a piece, I am happy to communicate with you and answer any questions about the work in questions before purchasing.

(If the artwork is purchased through a gallery or other representative, you must follow their policies.)

Commissioned Pieces – No returns. There is a process of communication with me that should negate any understandings of what the pieces will look like. Please see my commission policies for more information on the process.

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