I have to tell you, one of the most unexpected parts of an arts festival is the preparation that goes into it besides just painting something on all those cavasses. Painting is the EASY part. The rest… to be honest… is nothing more than a stress filled nightmare!

But luckily, I have had some great people helping me out along the way that took a lot of the burden off. And the person I have crowned MVP is my friend Kait. Seriously, I owe her AT LEAST one week of indentured servitude. I would have lost my mind, temper, and sanity without her… though I am sure Kait might counter that I actually DID lose all of those things.

And here she and I are at the opening day of the festival:

Another pal of mine, Cody, stopped in several times to help me out:

And of course, my booth!

I’d been taking a lot of notes my first few shows, and I feel that this one I finally had all of the details smoothed out and everything nice and together.

On an impulse while I was at the printing store (and blown away by how inexpensive an 11×14 poster was), I had printed and later mounted myself a sign for my artwork. I used the same painting and logo as I do for all of my website/online site headers. I am pleased with the result and think it looks fantastic!

I also finally got rid of that pesky old tablecloth. I really love this black and white striped one! which I also felt set off the bold colors of my paintings.

There was a lot of entertainment and activities going on at the festival (http://www.artsandheritage.com/). I wish I could have been quicker with my camera and captured more of it, but I was at least able to catch the bellydancing!

Luckily, my booth was in the shade under some beautiful trees and near a stage, so I got to hear live music for most of the day. At one point, there was a dance team from Africa (http://www.wacongo.com/) performing, and another morning bagpipes were playing (http://www.nhhcpb.com/). It was quite nice.

There was a stiltwalker making rounds, and each day she wore a different costume and portrayed a different character. She said the most hilarious things. The first day when she was wearing a Lady Liberty costume, I turned to Kait and said, “My new life’s aspiration is to become a stiltwalker.” And I was certain that I was rather serious.

There was also a mime in a black suit carrying around a see-through briefcase. He was very interesting to catch slow walking through the park, occassionally with a funny face or gesture. (http://www.dankamin.com/)

Also, there was a fantastic banjo player walking around playing. I was quite impressed each time I heard her going by. She looked very cool and looked like she was having a good time herself. (http://www.meanmary.com/)

As for weather, it was hotter than hot and terrifyingly humid.
One night we caught the tail end of a thunderstorm and had to close up early.

Well, I suppose that is all there is to report for now.
Have an awesome day!
Stephanie Oplinger

Oh, I see. I’ve been all over time, space, and all in between on this journey through life’s mysteries. Through the clouds I have flown on the breeze singing soft winter things as I fell to my death struggling.
But death, don’t talk to me so menacingly. You’re not quite so frightening as some might make you appear.
-A Mortal Ballad by The Duke of Norfolk {(a singer-songwriter, not an actual duke)}

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