Just in time for Christmas, I put together a video documentation of the 1st donation for my 365 Day Charity Challenge project. Together, we have raised $303.25, and the money went to the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CASTLA.org). I videoed the transaction as proof that I am putting that money where I promised it would go. Thank you to everyone who purchased and donated so far. This small amount can still make great impact in the lives of those who need rescuing from a life of slavery. Let’s keep up the great work and raise more money through this project!

To be exact, I actually donated this money back in August. I’m only now getting around to finishing this video. Instead of letting this cash lay around and, ultimately, do nothing, I decided to donate in increments as the money comes to me. And so August saw the first of the money going to C.A.S.T. to start making a difference!

Grand total raised for C.A.S.T. and donated to date: $303.25


I know you all want to know I’m actually doing this, right?
You took my word for it? Aw! Hugs, hearts, kisses, furry kittens, but I’ll give you the proof anyway:


Paper, paper, paper, mountains of paper!
Er, well, just a few sheets really.

You are all so awesome for helping out so far with the project. Look how much we accomplished so far already!

But let’s not stop here! 43 pieces are still available for sale, and 293 are still in the mix of creation.

Visit my Etsy shop to purchase a piece (or two!)

Merry Christmas!
Stephanie Oplinger

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