At long last, the answer to a taunting piece of trivial has been discovered!

Several years ago, I painted a beautiful turquoise bird from a photograph I found while surfing google. This was quite some time ago and there had been no caption for the picture and the bird breed. I had NO IDEA what kind of bird it was, nor did anyone else I knew know. Uncertain, I simply titled it “Turquoise Ave”.

Now, thanks to this artist’s blog post on birds ( I learned that it is a male Lazuli Bunting!

Lazuli Bunting birds are a common songbird found in the western portion of North America (which explains why I’ve never seen them, as I am from eastern USA). The males have this brilliant colored feathering while the females have a dull brown coloring.

Yay! I was so excited to finally discover this that I just had to post about it. They are such gorgeous birds!

In light of this discovery, I have changed the generic painting title from “Turquoise Ave” to “Lazuli Bunting Circle” (as some of my other bird painting titles end with “Street” or “Avenue” or the like after the common breed name).

It’s a lazuli bunting, everyone!

“Lazuli Bunting Circle” 
5×7 inches
acrylic paint on wrapped canvas
If you like this painting and are interested in owning it, it is available for purchase here:
$35 + shipping

Have an awesome day!
Stephanie Oplinger

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