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“Victims are just like you and me.”
The words in this poster bring up a great point: human trafficking and modern slavery know no age or class – social, economic, or otherwise. Victims of sexual slavery come from all walks of life and from the most ordinary next-door places. Trafficking and slavery doesn’t just happen in slums or underdeveloped countries. Trafficking and slavery happen in suburbs and first world countries. Modern slavery is an epidemic – it doesn’t care who you or yours are. That’s why this issue is so important, because not only is it a horrendous evil, but it is an evil lurking next door. Become aware of the issue (check out http://www.castla.org/definition-of-the-issue¬†for more information on modern slavery) and learn how to protect yourself and others from becoming victims (visit http://dontsellbodies.org for information on safety). Ultimately, get involved and do something to end slavery.¬†Start talking about it in your neighborhoods and communities. Together, we CAN end slavery.
I found the picture of this great sign from a public bus while searching online for campaigns and ads against human trafficking. I am glad to see more and more signs popping up in public places, such as at the bathroom entrances in highway rest stops. But we can still do so much more to bring this issue into the public eye. Is there a place where you work, a transportation you take, or a place that you frequent that you think would be a great place to have a hotline sign for human trafficking? If so, start suggesting it to those in charge or start a petition to have signs and posters put up in public places.


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