If you have been following my on my social media, you will already have seen that I have been lightly dipping my toes into the world of animation.

Wheel Around the Sun

🌅🌅🌅 Trailing the sun. 🌅🌅🌅 This is my first time attempting a full animation scene! It’s only about 15 seconds log, but it still took about two full days to create. I don’t know if there are easier ways to animate, but I did this one the old school traditional way, frame by frame one at a time. What a terrible lot of work that is! But she is finished and brought fully to form in the world. WHOOT!

I never meant to set you to do an animation. What happened first was I received an assignment brief from Make It In Design’s Summer School to create a surface pattern design from just different lines. I was really bored with the assignment – LINES? – until I saw another student creating a narrative with her lines, and it inspired me to create a story within my pattern

I started with lines like the rays of sun – white ink on black cardstock paper – and soon a girl was hanging from the rays of the sun, her hair flying in the wind, experiencing freedom. (White ink can be a real challenge to find! I’ve been using Liquitex Ink in Titanium White and Faber-Castel White 101 marker. I believe I found them on Amazon.) I mirrored the image multiple times until it was a complete circle. I even copied it into a final pattern.

But after doing all of this, I kept returning to the image in my head of a girl flying around in circles around the wheels of the sun, hanging onto to one of its silver rays. I took these images and patterns I had created and rotated and cropped them until I had close to 80 different frames. I putting them all together in order into a very simple video editor, added some music, and got 15 seconds of my magically enchanting little animation.

I hope my video animation brought some cheer into your life today.

Whatever is going on in your world today, keep fighting, keep trying, keep turning, keep dreaming. 🌅🌅🌅 KEEP TRAILING YOUR SUN. 🌅🌅🌅



The other magical animation work that is happening in my life is actually a collaboration between myself and Gala Mirissa. I saw her motion graphic work and asked her to add her motion effects to my original surrealism paintings. Take a look:

“Child’s Play”


“Pyre Among the Stars”


To view more of my paintings, visit my Gallery here: www.stephanieoplingerarts.com/original-paintings

To view more of Gala’s work, visit her website here: www.galamirissa.com

What do you think? Which of my paintings would you like to see have motion added to next?

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