Start a human trafficking board on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to gather together and organize all in one place the resources, articles, and information on human trafficking, charities, and lists of actions we can all do to help.

(Don’t forget to pin this post to your new board!)

To help you get started, you can view mine here:


Total Time to Complete:
If you already have a Pinterest account, 5 minutes or less.
If you are starting a Pinterest account for the first time, 20 minutes.



Start a human trafficking playlist on Youtube

To help you get started, you can view mine here:



If you are following along for the 31 day challenge, this is number 12 on your list.

Take the challenge with me. Check back in every Thursday for more every-day actions you can take to make a difference against human trafficking.

Take the Challenge.

Make a difference.

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