Put the Polaris Project hotline number in your phone:


Text to BeFree (233733)

(Also known as the National Human Trafficking Resource Center HOTLINE)

Call this hotline to

  • Report situations of possible exploitation
  • Call to find an emergency shelter, legal services, and counseling if you are being exploited
  • Call to ask questions about the issue of human trafficking; call for training and technical support.

Remember, it is better to report a suspicion and be wrong than to not report it
and have it be true!

Read more about the Polaris Project and their services here:


Total Time to Complete Action:
30 seconds or less. It’s just entering a number into your phone for future use and reference.



 Put the C.A.S.T. HOTLINE number in your phone

1(888) KEY-2(FRE)EDOM
1(888) 539-2373

Don’t think your call will make a difference? Check out hotline statistics:



If you are following along for the 31 day challenge, this is number 1 on your list.

Take the challenge with me. Check back in every Thursday for more every-day actions you can take to make a difference against human trafficking.

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