This is one of my all time favorite drawings I’ve ever done. I’ve held onto it for a very long time in my own personal collection, but alas, I cannot keep all of my creations forever. I am now making it available for a limited time at a special price. I hope it will make it’s way to a very special new home!

The medium is ink on bristol paper. I used the old-fashioned nib pens and dip ink well to draw and loving etch out each line. Bristol paper is a lovely thick paper that can handle ink and the nib pen without warping. The title of the piece came from one of my childhood friend’s favorite songs – I no longer remember the band or even whether it was a song title or a line of lyric, but at my friend’s suggestion, I titled this piece as “Black Rose on the Grave of my Love.”

Ink on bristol paper

Size: 14 x 11 inches