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This piece is actually the very first screen print I have ever made. Screenprinting is a technique where ink is pushed through a stencil onto a fine mesh screen onto a surface. The stencil blocks areas where ink shouldn’t pass, allowing the design to be printed on materials like fabric, paper, and wood. It is perhaps the oldest method we have of making copies of artwork, dating back to the 900s AD China. It’s popular for creating items such as T-shirts and posters.

The image comes from on of my sketchbooks, a pen and ink drawing in a moleskin journal. I wrote a brief micropoem next to the drawing: “Don’t Reb the Dawn on your Way to the sky,” which has become the title of the piece. Screenprint allowed me to add color to the original black and white sketch, and I hand-printed a total edition of 10 prints using this method.


size : 9 x 14 inches

Edition of 10 (9 still available)