Tassel detail,  Fabric detail, and Clasp detail:
I had been in a rush to get this in to submit it for a magazine before the deadline, but I wasn’t able to finish it in time to mail it in before the deadline. It was for Belle Armoire, which had a challenge for something romantic for Valentine’s Day – the inspiration for which was a luscious red velvet coat with a train of fabric roses and the story behind it. I thought my green peacock cape would be great for it, but alas, I did not complete it in time, despite staying up almost all night one night.
Still, this velvet cape marks the finest sewing work I have done to date. I am very proud of myself, especially since the collar was my own modification to the pattern, and the feathers in the tassel was my own touch as well – oh! And so were the clasps (the pattern called for a tie closure). I am very pleased with it. My only complaint with it is that in the pictures the front hangs open funny, but I think that this should be easily fixed by repositioning the lower clasp, or – worst case scenario – seem rip and resew that front edge seem as it is a little wrinkled and bunch. Both I don’t think would be difficult, although I do need more invisible thread.

WHOOT! I’ve been published in a magazine! Or, more accurately, the green velvet peacock cape that I made has been featured in the magazine Belle Armoire, Winter 2012 issue. They also asked me to write the article for it. ♥ Issue hits newsstands January 1st! Copies will be available for purchase here: www.bellearmoire.com